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Why Hire A Personal Trainer?

why hire a personal trainer

It’s understandable that getting started with a personal trainer can seem expensive.  However, a Personal Trainer will ensure you work out safely and effectively, and will get you the results you just can’t get on your own!

There are lots of reasons that hiring a qualified personal trainer will transfer into long term results.


  •  A personal trainer will give you knowledge that you will carry forward for the rest of your life
  • Starting an exercise routine can be intimidating if you don’t know how to use the equipment, which exercises you should do, or how to execute them correctly
  • Correct form is extremely important to allow you to not only prevent injury, but ensure you target the muscles you want to target and can see the results you wish to see
  • This knowledge is needed to get optimal benefits in the shortest amount of time


Accountability & Motivation

  • A personal trainer provides accountability & motivation
  • You have an appointment, so you’re going to be there
  • You’re paying for the time, so you’ll be motivated to get the most out of it that you can
  • A personal trainer will address your short term and long term goals, they should be dedicated to your success, and they will make sure you’re on track to achieve those goals
  • A personal trainer ensures consistency, when you have trouble sticking with it


Program Design

  • A personal trainer has designed a program for you
  • So you don’t need to think about it
  • Concepts such as progressive overload and periodization are worked into the plan
  • The workouts will be interesting, with different exercises and concepts that you haven’t tried
  • The program will be individualized to your specific needs, goals, and abilities, and will adjust as these things change


Maximize time at the gym

  • Why waste your time with uncertainty and ineffective exercises?
  • Life is busy enough as it is
  • Burn more calories in less time with an effective and efficient program


The cost is greatly outweighed by benefits

  • Exercise gives you a longer life, a happier life, and more enjoyment of regular everyday activities
  • Better Self-esteem
  • More energy to play with the kids, enjoy hobbies, spend time with loved ones
  • Better performance and concentration at work
  • Elevated mood, happiness, lowered stress levels
  • Improved sex & relationships
  • You cannot put a price tag on good health


Rehabilitation, Weakness, Imbalances

  • If you’ve had previous injuries, a personal trainer will not only help you get in shape while working around those injuries, but can help you rehabilitate
  • A personal trainer’s expertise with anatomy allows them to address your goals while improving common injuries
  • Weakness is often the cause of injury, and strengthening the body will help prevent many common injuries of aging


A personal trainer cares about your success

  • We’re invested in YOU, we’ve put not only our time in but our emotion
  • Each client is a built relationship, I put my heart into each client relationship, and want them to succeed in reaching their goals as much as they do
  • Your personal trainer will support you, stand behind you, believe in you, and push you to achieve what you will sometimes doubt you can (but your trainer KNOWS you can).  So often I push my clients past their perceived limits, because I believe in them, and know they are capable of more than what they think.



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