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Tony got in shape with customized and progressive workout routines


“I only had a rough idea of what kind of fitness goals I wanted to achieve prior to working with Krissy. She was able to help me identify the key goals and explain the best way to achieve them. Some of the exercise routines were new to me but the diagrams and instructions she provided made it very easy to learn and adopt the new techniques. I also found the updates she made as time went on kept the workouts challenging but an appropriate pace to meet my goals.

All and all I’m very satisfied with my progress. I’m enjoying being in shape and the impact it’s having on all aspects of my life!”

– Tony

Personalized Workout Routine client




Colleen gained confidence, found strength, increased her running speed & met her 1/2 marathon goal!

2015 WPS half May 4

“I had been active, mainly running, for years, and had completed several ½ marathons and 1 full marathon by 2014.  I really wanted to achieve a time goal of under two hours for a ½ marathon.  I started training with Krissy in the winter of 2014.  Over the next year or so, she tailored workout plans that enabled me to become stronger and quicker.  Weight training properly was new to me, and the workouts were tough.

In Krissy’s determination and encouragement, I found the strength to do exercises I never thought possible and to not give up.  I could feel myself improving and getting stronger each week.  This gave me confidence in my running as well.

Now, even when a run is particularly challenging, I know I will complete it.  The time goal was the reason I sought out Krissy as a personal trainer, but the benefits far exceeded that:  I’m a healthier, more confident person.  I also found that I really enjoyed being challenged by the workouts. Best of all, I recently achieved my goal!”

– Colleen

Personal Training Client


2014 WPS half



Wendy learned healthy eating habits, & is overjoyed to be expecting her first child with her husband

Wendy Penner Testimonial

“Like most people i wanted my new years resolution to be about getting off the couch and more active.  That is when I found Krissy.  On our first session I was asked what my goals were for working with a trainer.


  1. Get a a healthy weight – learn all the things I need to know to reach that goal
  2. Get my body to a healthy place that will allow me to conceive our first child
  3. Learn to eat healthier


My husband and I have been trying for over 3 years to conceive with no result.  After working with Krissy for 6 months we were overjoyed to find out that were expecting.

Krissy helped me with weekly workout plans and an easy to follow meal plan.  I am now over 4 and a half months pregnant and when i was last weighed at my doctors I am still under what I weighed in the beginning of January.”

I just wanted to say thank you again for your help in achieving my goals.  Looking forward to continuing to work with you.”

– Wendy

Personal Training & Personalized Meal Plan client


Steve hit his goal weight & lost over 50 lbs in 6 months

Steve testimonial

“I had tried ‘hitting the gym’ a couple times before, finding some diet to go with it. Both previous attempts at weight loss saw some results, but in the end the diet proved to be something that I didn’t enjoy, and therefore could not sustain. After the diets fell away, progress on the scale halted and with it went motivation.

I was finally ready to ask for help at the end of August – what I needed were the right tools. That’s exactly what I got – a meal plan and work out plan. The meal plan offered multiple options for each meal, all of which were designed specific to the goals and preferences I talked over with Krissy. The idea was that the meals had to be quick to prepare and easy to make. The sustainability of this plan is tied (for me!) to how convenient it is. It’s also comforting to consider that I easily made back all the money spent on these tools just from eating healthier over the last 3 months – it certainly can be cheaper!

These tools continue to be the backbone of my plan. I started September 9, 2013 at 227lbs. I’m happy to report progress has been steady and well paced – as of December 13, 2013 I’m at 192lbs.

35 lbs lost in 3 months is what I call progress.

I can’t stress enough just how important it is to have a solid plan that you can have confidence in over the long term. That’s exactly what I got.

Thanks Krissy!”

Update: Steve is now down to his goal weight, in his ideal weight range for his height/age, at 170 lbs as of March, 2014.

– Steve 

Personalized Meal Plan client


Steve's after photo, weight lost using girlonamission's meal plan



Gordon is feeling great with new energy


“I have never been a very active person. Over the years this definitely caught up on me. I spent a year on a strict diet and ended up reducing my weight but only to a point. After a few months without any progress I was frustrated and asked Krissy for help.

My years of inactivity were very apparent at the start. I was embarrassed by my performance, but Krissy neither made me feel uncomfortable nor coddled me. In my short time I have learned more about my body than I ever knew. Her strong scientific background removed a number of incorrect assumptions I had had and exposed the lies I used to tell myself. Every session I can feel my strength and endurance improve. It is very apparent that I would normally end my exercise at the point Krissy feels we are just getting started. It is very motivating and clear that we are working together progressing to total body health. My body has changed and EVERYTHING, from sitting in my chair to mowing the lawn is easier. I feel better about myself and look forward to every session.

My progress has been amazing.  People stop me and tell me I look younger.  My suits fit and look great.  Everyone is amazed at how much I have changed.

With counselling my diet continues to improve.  Eating proper foods in the appropriate amounts not only affects my body, but food I eat tastes better.  Sleep is also easier, especially if Krissy is in a mood for us to have a big workout, but the deep restful slumber is not limited to workout days.

When I started I could not run to the end of my driveway.  I am still a very long way from where I would like to be, but the difference has been amazing.”

Gordon has reduced his body weight, built lean body mass, and decreased his over all body fat percentage and blood pressure. He is feeling great and more energetic than ever!

– Gordon

Personal Training Client


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