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Feel confident and proud this summer!

Are you ready to stop hiding and shed that winter belly?  Are you ready to spend time on the beach and not be embarrassed and stop hiding from sun, fun, and vacation photos?  Then it is time to TAKE ACTION, stop making excuses, and STEP UP to the challenge.


It’s Simple….

Get FIt shape up tone up how to lose weight


Workout Programs

Individualized weekly plans that fit your schedule.   Efficient workouts that are fun but challenging!

Workout in the comfort of your home or at the gym.

Online Workout Programs you take anywhere on your phone or tablet.

Exercise Videos so you know correct form.

No boring cardio equipment necessary!


Eat Right. lose weight nutrition bikini weight loss winnipeg

Accelerated Fat  Loss Plan

Takes all the guesswork out of your nutrition with meals and portion sizes all laid out for you.

Flexibility and enjoyment through food swaps and a weekly treat meal.


Stick to it.


Individualized attention, I am here to help you succeed!

Regular weekly check-ins and monitoring on online tracking system.

Personal coach for motivation, support, and questions along the way.

Reach your potential

With weekly in-person check-in and One-on-One Personal Training session.

Check-in with questions, get feedback on your form, and an in-person monitor of your progress.

This once per week hourly long session will be in addition to your at-home workouts.  You’ll find you get much more out of me pushing you than you can get on your own!

Sweat and see RESULTS, with me, in person!



Results Guaranteed!

My programs are evidenced based protocols backed by science.  No gimmicks, no short term solutions.  IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT!

Therefore, I guarantee my results!  If you follow the plan for 30 days, and do not see any results, no problem, I will give you your money back.

guarantee results training nutrition weight loss

Complete Online Purchase to get started!

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One-on-One Personal Training + Online Coaching Package