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Nutritional Plan

$ 100.00

Delicious, convenient, & easy-to-follow nutritional plans customized to each individual client's needs, goals, lifestyle, & preferences.

You want results?  Then your diet needs to be on point.

There is no easier way to waste your efforts in the gym than by not eating purposefully for your goals. 

Fuelling your body right is the #1 priority whether your goal is to promote muscle gain, improve recovery, lose fat, or just feel more energized.

I have worked with clients with a wide spectrum of starting points, and carried them forward towards their goals.   Having a degree within the Dietetic stream of Nutritional Sciences, I also am able to help people with specialized conditions and intolerances, such as celiac, anemia, IBS, diabetes/pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease/hypertension, and others.

I believe in Nutritional Strategy as preventative medicine with an emphasis on optimal health, which is why I choose to work with clients directly rather than in a hospital or clinical setting.


Individualized Approach


Assessment Report of Current Diet (with Goals to work on)


Macro-Nutrient Recommendations  (Carb, Protein, and Fats)


Calorie Recommendations


Complete Meal Plan including 3 options for Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, & Supplements


Recipes, including easy to follow instructions and nutritional breakdown


Grocery Shopping List



Printer-friendly, PDF format, & compatible on any device



Email Support & Guidance in implementing your plan



What to expect

Each of my nutritional plans are handcrafted with love & spreadsheets.

I use scientific formulas to find your INDIVIDUAL calorie and macronutrient requirements.  It takes time and I need specific information from you in order to:

  1. Get a more accurate picture of what you might be missing in your diet (or over-consuming) and the specific changes you need to get exactly where you want to be to look and feel your best.
  2. Assess and improve your daily intake, I do a micro- and macro-nutrient analysis and give you recommendations to make sure your diet meets 100% of your daily requirements.  Whatever you’re lacking, I find all the weak links.
  3. Get a good idea of your preferences, meal patterns, flavours, so that I can create a nutritional plan that is uniquely you.

Complete Your Purchase

Fill Out the Form & Food Journal (received via Email within 24 hours)

Within 1 week you will receive your complete Nutritional Plan

Meeting with a Nutritionist would easily cost you a couple hundred dollars.  Guaranteed, their report is not going to be as detailed, accurate, or complete. This customized plan, with everything you need to get started is only $100.  This includes the assessment, report, meal plan, grocery list, recipes, and SUPPORT, because I truly want you to succeed.

Risk Free

guaranteeI guarantee my services.  You will see RESULTS.  If you follow the plan exactly, you will see results within 30 days, or receive a prompt refund.





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