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Mindset is Everything.


Mindset is everything.

It can determine your happiness, your self-esteem, your determination, and the strength of your character.

And yet…

So easily we allow others to determine these things for us, giving them power over us, simply by allowing them to sway us from our mindset.

Someone thinks you’re fat?  Who cares – only you can decide if you are happy with yourself.  (Take the power back, and decide to change it if in any way you are not, we are adaptable).

Someone else’s mood is able to bring you down?  Snap out of it.  Be stronger than that.  Remove the negative influences from your world.  (That’s right, YOUR world).

Someone thinks you’re obsessive?  Maybe they don’t understand commitment.  They don’t understand that you are only committed to what you set out to do.

Someone thinks you are shallow?  They don’t know what is inside your head, your heart, and your soul (should you happen to believe in one).

Someone judges you? They don’t get you, they couldn’t possibly, and they do not want to.

Judgement is surface.  But we are deeper than that. No one else is going to understand the complexity of who you are.  Therefore, only listen to what YOU think of YOU.

Confidence comes from WITHIN.  That includes the confidence that grants you follow through on your commitments and dreams, carries you through this all-too-harsh-enough world, and that will NOT ALLOW negative thoughts and people determine YOUR actions, YOUR thoughts.


As I get stronger, I get better at determining my own mindset. But I still feel down sometimes.  A lot, maybe.  Life is hardly ever perfect.  If someone knocks you down you need to stop, ask yourself, why am I letting it?  And get the FUCK back up.

THE PROMISE I have to make to myself now is,

….that I will NOT allow others to determine my mindset, and therefore my happiness, and the condition and context of my life.

…..I will NOT allow others negative moods and outlooks on life to lower my own positivity, and MY RESOLVE.

….I will NOT be pulled down by ANYONE else, because I am BETTER than that (And YOU are better than that too), LIFE IS TOO SHORT, and I got way too much shit to do to allow it.

….What others think of me will not change what I think of myself (say it with me now).


You are with me, or you just don’t matter.

That negativity?  That’s your problem, not mine.  And damn if I will let it, SLOW ME down.

Because I am too busy, leaving you in my dust.

krissy boyd girl on a mission*smile*  😀





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