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Before and After.

Find your Strength.

I am a confident girl, but I wasn’t always.

I found my strength, deep inside, when I learned to push past the limits I thought I had. I found my strength when I reached out my arms and set myself on this mission, when I decided it was ok to fail sometimes, when I learned that I decide my fate, and that I would point myself in the direction of my choosing and give it my all.

I didn’t always value my worth, or see it for what it was.  I was like a floating cloud.  Always looking for the happiness in others, hoping that would give me what I was missing, what I couldn’t find for myself.  Sometimes I am the loneliest girl, that has never changed, but what has changed is that I am a fighter, and I do not give up.

Looking to follow, looking to be a part of something, well you know what?  I got tired of being that girl, hanging onto threads; I got tired of trying to find something outside of myself that gave me what I wanted.

What started easily enough, to fix my ailing back and to feel good in my skin has turned into my life, my strength.  And what I have to offer is to help others find theirs.

I want to be the person that can help set you on that path.  It gives me meaning, it is priceless, and easily better than any other job.  I was meant to do more than just work, I was meant for helping others, and sometimes it is the only thing that gives me joy. I want to help you feel the strength and confidence inside that perhaps you are missing.  There is more to it than “getting in shape”, or “losing a few pounds”, there is a feeling of vitality and power, truly remarkable and incomprehensible until you attain it for yourself.  Most people have no idea, how much better they could feel.  It makes life easier, happier; it makes you realize quite simply that this is what the human body was meant to be doing.  

You can’t hang onto threads, wishing for the strength and happiness you feel you lack.  You have to make it happen, you have to be determined, you have to value your own worth and say, “you know what I’m better than this.”  Why should anyone have to live unhappy in their own body, as if they were a prisoner inside of it?  Why should anyone have to feel weak, sick, or tired?  Why should anyone have to live with chronic disease that was entirely preventable if they had just made a few changes earlier in life?

Decide that you are worth it, that you have strength and you just need to find it, build it.  You are a fighter too. You can do this.

Before and After.
The girl I used to be.
And NOW.

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